Warriors of light are coming to burn up Lucifer's treaty so caution wampayas, be careful murderer


Hatta fyah burn
rastaman expose the satanic schemes of secret communities
Jadawee I burn
mental slavery, illusion, confusion, memba this


By Jah heavy law I come like a warriors, Jedi
more fyah to blaze from the king Selassie I
ready ready fi di fight, my name is soldier Jadawee I
to break the treaty of the wicked devil and bad guides
for a long long time that secret communities
have flourished pon di Earth to obtain power and money
craftsmen of devil or soldiers of  di Lucifer's army
work fi di new world order and only dictatorship
free masons, Vatican clan are real big family
invisible world government is a higher hierarchy
pyramid’s top is the maker’s eyes as seen by Illuminati
I presenting you the world’s head  and the power’s key


There are many lodges and organizations
working for huge projects of the crazy masons
leaders of  diplomatic and every big nations
high finance members, army, physicians and politicians
opus deli, Illuminati work  for Vatican  motion
Bilderbergers  and council on foreign  relations
control every western state so keep strength and caution
and supported too by trilateral commission
CFR members were present during the UN foundation
the Rome’s club works to create a single religion
rotary club and di international lions
want to lead parties and charities to corruption


There is a general plan for worldwide dictatorship
at first they want to multiply communities to gain ground
and free masons lodges to set up intelligence services
they involve secret agents and the big shots of sneak police men to get slants
to protect dem and quickly to bounce, to carry out downpression actions, new plan


Illuminati bring about ordo ab kaos
free masons behave like shadows
by their high grade relations
they create recession, civil wars in all nation, so stay cautious
through absolute control of information
they manipulate public opinion to reign
they wants us to idolize gold and money
in order to become a crazy society
without Heart and dependent on their money
they have been carrying out their plan for ages
they are determined and will sacrifice anybody
who will try to harm their actions and community


Free masons belong to a murderer state
so remain aware and clear sighted